What is a QRDS or Quick Reference Data Sheet

A “Quick Reference Data Sheet” is something I developed for myself initially and then applied to my book. The intention was like an expanded flash card. I wanted it to contain all of the most important information I would need when looking at any herb, essential oil, or other natural remedy. In each one you will find 6 main elements;

  1. The Latin name.

  2. The biologically active constituents that are not ubiquitous. For example water and carbon are excluded because they can be found in every fresh herb.

  3. The properties under their technical names.

  4. Basic uses, divided by usage type, eg topical vs ingestion. Not an exhaustive list however.

  5. Cautions including drug interactions and other safety info.

  6. And any immediate first aid information that may be needed.

QRDS are built using a combination of textbooks, databases, and individual studies.

You can gain access to all the essential oil QRDS through The Oil Apothecary.
If you choose to join the mailing list for updates you get printable PDF’s of all the QRDS from my book which includes herbal profiles, essential oil profiles, and remedies that don’t fall under either category (clays, baking soda, ect).