Mullein - verbascum thapsus - H

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Topically; In a balm for chest complaints such as coughs and reducing mucus while encouraging expulsion. As a poultice for ulcers and piles, also encourages healing of wounds.
Internally; As tea also for chest complaints, mild booster of milk supply. Flowers infused into oil for earaches or other inflamed mucus membranes.


Due to mild galactagogue properties best avoided for internal use in high risk pregnancies.
Long term use is also best avoided due to a couple of compounds which may cause issues with long exposure times.
Use of the tea is better reserved for older children and adults.
No recorded drug interactions.

First Aid

Rare skin reactions can occur, wash the area with soap and water. Seek medical attention if reaction is severe or shows no signs of improving over the course of a few days.
While no drug interactions are known if for some reason you suspect you are experiencing one call emergency services.

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