Activated Charcoal -activated carbon- N

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Topical; A thin paste can be applied topically to minor chemical burns to prevent spreading of the substance.
Oral; Teeth whitening, diarrhea, ingested for absorbing poisons. Proper dosing for poisoning use 0.5 - 1 gram per kg of body weight regardless of age.


Very high doses can cause constipation and bowel impaction.
Avoid use with highly acidic or highly alkaline poisons as it has no effect but may inhibit any antidote.
Drug interactions:
Morphine Sulfate Liposome
Mycophenolate Mofetil
Mycophenolic Acid
Also avoid use if intestinal issues are already present such as blockage, bleeding, or holes.
Long term use should only be done with the direction of your doctor.

First Aid

If inhaled seek emergency care immediately. If gotten in the eye, flush with running water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. In all cases of poisoning call your doctor for guidance and inform them of any treatment given.
If bowel impaction is suspected go to emergency care immediately and explain.

About the Remedy

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Charcoal is “activated” by purifying it of any trace contaminants. This makes it significantly more absorptive when compared to non-purified charcoal. The purification process makes the structure of the charcoal extremely porous on the molecular level.
Activated charcoal is essentially a sponge made from burnt stuff. These sponge like qualities are taken advantage of in water filtration systems including in common household ones.
It is also used to great effect for treatment of diarrhea and poisoning. Hospitals administer 1 or more doses to prevent poisons from being absorbed. There are some limitations though, if the substance is on the more extreme ends of the pH scale (too acidic or too alkaline) it will not absorb them but may absorb any antidote if taken.
There is a couple of important things to know when using activated charcoal. The first being don’t take it if the poison was highly acidic or alkaline. Second is too high a dose can constipate you and the dose threshold is determined by your weight. Third is there are some drug interactions which will be listed on the Quick Reference Data Sheet.
As an interesting side note, brushing your teeth occasionally with activated charcoal is very effective for whitening them.
Also try to make sure any product you buy is JUST charcoal with no other ingredients.

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