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I found data analytics while scrolling Facebook. I know it sounds silly but I clicked on it because I was curious about what they do.

While I was reading the description I realized I could be paid for how my brain works naturally. All I was missing were some technical skills around coding and proper terminology. Even better; many jobs are fully remote.
As a single mother who got myself and my daughter out of domestic violence, working remotely is an ideal situation.

I genuinely feel that my CPTSD is part of what makes me seek out accurate and detailed data to make decisions. To orient yourself within a gaslighting environment you must seek out measurable and verifiable information at every turn.
Despite being in that environment, I've been busy.

Over the last 8 years, I've been working as an author and content producer with few monetary gains. Regardless of the money, I've still built valuable skills and experience that are easily transferable to data analysis.

My writing (here) has given me the ability to take technical information and communicate it effectively to others in a way they understand.

Not only that, working for myself built a thorough understanding of the basics in managing the back end of a business. This means I have a better understanding of what potential stakeholders need from data analysis.


Vancouver, BC


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